Interested in writing something for EQ?


We are open to any submissions currently and are particularly interested in pieces that:
  • Are inspirational or motivational. Share your ideas, thoughts, what's worked for you at work. If it's around "work/life balance", goal-setting or #adulting themes, that's great too.
  • Are opinionated. Feel free to vent, just be sure to back it up, avoid name-calling and express yourself clearly and we're all ears.
  • Are educational. Want to explain something in your industry niche? Or share the 5 Gotta-Hear Podcasts Around Creativity at Work? Awesome–go at it.
  • Are useful. Have tips for fellow founders? Resource lists for 
  • Are personal. Inspired to tell your own story in case it can serve as an inspiration to others? We have a soft spot for those. 

Submissions that are too self-serving around your product/service won't make the cut. Share your insights, ideas, opinions, expertise or personal story. 

Things to keep in mind

  • We do not run posts on EQ that have already been published elsewhere (i.e. your company blog, your Medium page or another publication).  
  • Attach image(s) to go with your piece. 
  • Include a bio of one to two lines. Make sure that, in addition to your name, it includes your company affiliation (hyperlinked) and a personal Twitter handle if you have one. 
  • Do not mention your company in the posts. While your expertise has been gained, at least in part, through your work at your company, we want submissions that express your expertise without promoting the interests of your company. This is a challenge to most, but it's an important distinction and key to expressing your thought leadership. Any mention of your company will either result in a rejection of your submission or the company mention being cut from the post upon acceptance.
  • Be sure to hyperlink any reference to source material (i.e. "a recent study showed" should link out to that study). 
  • We aspire to respond to every single submission we receive. Know that we will contact you if we are interested in publishing your submission.
  • Some basic house style we adhere by: 
    • We don't call St. Louis "The Lou." Please stop doing that if you do. We do, however call it STL.
    • We don't put text in all caps unless it's a formal name. For emphasis, try italics.
    • We don't put two spaces between sentences. Conserve character count and just use one.

Happy writing!

Have a company update you want to make sure we know about, but don't have a press release? That's ok. Just submit your news in the form below or email us directly at We will respect your anonymity if that's requested. We also honor embargoed news.

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